Marco Madella

Toranagallu ashmound - South India

I am an ICREA Research Professor and I work at the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology of the Institució Milà i Fontanals of the Consejo Superior de Investigación Científica (CSIC – Spanish National Research Council). My focus is in environmental archaeology, and more specifically archaeobotany. My main research interests include the exploitation of plant resources by hunter-gatherers as well as the domestication and exploitation of plants by farmers, prehistoric agricultural systems, the Indus Civilization, and the social/economic relationship between h-g and agriculturalists in prehistory. 

My specialty in archaeobotany is the analysis of phytoliths. Phytoliths are microscopic silica bodies produced in the tissues of many plants. When they are recovered from the sediments they can give information on plant and plant parts use, crop processing, plant domestication and the paleoenvironment. I also have an interest in the methodological  development of phytolith analysis and geoarchaeology as a tool for better understanding the use of space in archaeological sites and as well as to enhance the reconstruction of past environments. 

Professional memberships

President, Society for Phytolith Research

Board member representative for Spain, European Association of South Asian Archaeology and Art

Founding member, Bioarchaeology Society of Catalunya

Member, New York Academy of Sciences

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